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BeautyMay 24, 2023
Un viaje en un frasco

Volvemos a hablaros de esta firma de perfumes de lujo, pero esta vez lo hacemos sobre su nueva colección “Odyssey III: Escape”, no os perdáis el viaje.

BeautyMay 03, 2023
The Beauty in Wearable Memories

The Seoul-based hairstylist on creating wearable art inspired by elements of tradition and memory, intertwined with a sense of boundless fantastism.

BeautyApril 06, 2023
Experiencia botánica

Esta primavera Loewe te invita a descubrir una sinfonía de fragancias en su invernadero itinerante, una experiencia multisensorial que no te puedes perder.

BeautyFebruary 13, 2023
Behind the clown mask

Unpacking the significance of their avant-garde drag makeup, the artist blends insecurity, performance and fine arts to create unapologetically bold looks.

BeautyFebruary 08, 2023
Object of visceral desire

Metallic, polished and attractive; these irresistible penis-shaped lipsticks have caused sensation, you won't be able to keep your lips away from them.

BeautyFebruary 07, 2023
Legacy and innovation

We speak with Renaud Salmon, the Creative Director of the House of high perfumery of Oman about all of the changes he has made in the brand since 2019.

BeautyFebruary 01, 2023
Fashion’s hair vanguard

The master hair artist’s new book project consolidates a broad survey of his work from the past two years and will launch at East Tokyo this month.

BeautyJanuary 24, 2023
The future is at our fingertips

Nail art just met maximalism; drawing inspiration from biological surroundings, meet the artist fashioning futuristic projections from fingertips.

BeautyNovember 30, 2022
Together in harmony

A celebration of craftsmanship, colour and scent, the house unveils a new realm of multi-sensory experiences that star in their latest holiday edit.

BeautyOctober 14, 2022
Let's talk about your health

A couple of weeks ago we attended in Berlin the event that launched the platform hoping to become your one-stop-shop for anything related to your health.

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