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MusicDecember 06, 2021
Expression of a Dream State

Euphoric and sometimes disturbing, one of our favourite DJs has dropped her much-anticipated intoxicating new music video for “Sleeping Paralysis.”

MusicDecember 03, 2021
Championing diversity

Her new EP “Buffering ...” deepens her commitment to being an independent artist, and she has launched an NFT for a Web3 approach to funding her career.

MusicDecember 03, 2021
Balanced experiencing

The enigmatic wave musician Juche has remixed Tee Dee Dees' single “War,” bringing the original piece to a new dimension defined by sound vibrations.

MusicDecember 03, 2021
Transformation and vulnerability

The Los Angeles-raised artist, songwriter and producer now releases her debut single, “Me Time,” written at a time when her healing had barely just begun.

MusicDecember 03, 2021
True to themselves

Their track “The Mystic Parade” was released as a limited vinyl-only single in June 2019, and is the second in line of their track-by-track album release.

MusicDecember 03, 2021
Now it’s my time

After years spent touring in other bands, the Dutch Nigerian singer-songwriter Adura Sulaiman releases “Ritual”, her first single under her solo project.

Art - MusicDecember 03, 2021
Reinventando el ocio nocturno

Bajo el lema “de la galería al club”, la fiesta que acerca la cultura al ocio nocturno ya ha desembarcado en Madrid. Y nosotros hemos estado en su debut.

MusicDecember 02, 2021
La confianza personificada

Sensualidad, poderío y ambición es lo que desprende esta artista criada en Miami de raíces cubanas. Hablamos con la autoproclamada reina del treaggaeton.

MusicDecember 01, 2021
Is there any hope left?

Drugs, addiction, loneliness… How can we not feel lost in today’s world? The East London rapper reflects on this in his new single “Generation,” out now.

MusicNovember 30, 2021
Storytelling through music

“Disco Lasers” is the debut album by the London-based singer-songwriter, who makes music a vehicle into magical universes and unknown dimensions.

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