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MagsAugust 03, 2017
Azeema Magazine
An empowering space

We speak to Jameela Elfaki, Azeema’s founder and editor-in-chief, about why the world needs a magazine that sees beyond Westernized beauty conceptions.

Ftmy 04 copia
MagsJune 29, 2017
Food to Meet You
Mens sana in corpore sano

Esta plataforma de estilo de vida saludable va más allá del #foodporn; busca promover un cambio hacia un ritmo más pausado y consciente para ser felices.

MagsJune 28, 2017
Pansy Magazine
Rise sissies

Pansy is a digital magazine that is playfully redefining male aesthetic. Its polyhedral editor talks genderless, bravery and stereotypes with us.

Flaneur magazine
MagsJune 16, 2017
Flaneur Magazine
Note it down, Baudelaire

A young team, one street per issue and two months on location to explore it first-hand by approaching local people. A dream come true for any travel lover.

Portrait by pau sampera
Mags - DesignMay 23, 2017
Manu Rodríguez
Joven, clandestino e independiente

Defensor del “una imagen vale más que mil palabras”, este creativo lucha para sacar adelante proyectos editoriales de calidad y visualmente perfectos.

Metal37 1
Mags - METAL 37April 24, 2017
Metal Nº 37
Remake the past, rethink the present

What is the difference between ‘copy’ and ‘tribute’? Why? The new METAL issue asks lots of questions, maybe you can also find some answer. Take a look inside!

MagsApril 04, 2017
Esme Rose
We are hooked

She created Hook Magazine at 16. The Tarot issue, the first one, is described as “Magic, future and anti-establishment.” Meet the self-proclaimed mermaid.

Rudy guedj kopie
Mags - DesignMarch 21, 2017
MacGuffin Magazine
An alternative approach to design

Either designed or anonymously made any object deserves to be explored. MacGuffin Magazine was born to fill this lacking perspective in the design world.