Esther-Rose McGregor
Biting the Apple

Eve's apple bite mirrors women's awakening to guilt-bound pleasure. Esther-Rose McGregor, a model and actor, defies objectification, owning her narrative.

Mark Leckey
Nebulous Memories

In an interview with Mark Leckey, we delve into how his guilty pleasures challenge art norms, celebrating joy in the mundane.

Metal Nº 49 - Story 6
Pablo Mas & Gonzalo Ortuño

Metal Nº 49 - Story 5
Kate Biel & Chloe & Chenelle Delgadillo

Not Holding Back

Her journey from Pharrell's dance squad to solo artist is marked by exploration and a celebration of humanity through her eclectic music. Dancing, music, and life intertwine in the magic and fun of METTE.

Metal Nº 49 - Story 4
Mos Regard & Zion Dezm

Aistė Stancikaitė
Crafting a Visual Symphony of Sensations

The Lithuanian artist, delves into the intricacies of human emotions, shaped by her post-Soviet heritage. Her art unveils layers of hidden feelings and depths of existence.

Metal Nº 49 - Story 3
Lara Denova & Aina Marcó & Oriol Robert

On Alchemy, Nostalgia, and Entering her Ultimate Form

Eartheater's sonic odyssey merges classical & pop, exploring cosmic realms of sound & self. With "Powders" & "Aftermath," she unveils new dimensions."

Richard Malone
Poetry in Motion

Transitioning from womenswear to multidisciplinary art. His modest studio mirrors his focus on craft over commerce. For Malone, guilty pleasures don't exist; he indulges in simple joys like skinny dipping and pastries, rejecting guilt for pursuing pleasure.