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ArtMarch 03, 2021
Distorting reality

New York City and Tokyo based artist Alex Dodge teases our perception of reality, by balancing opposing forces into richly textile shrouded scenes.

ArtMarch 03, 2021
Elegance in chaos

This group exhibition at the Christine König Galerie presents various approaches to the concept of paradise and how we perceive it, on view until March 20.

ArtMarch 03, 2021
A personal story told through art

The German artist exhibits selected parts of her unique and distinctive work at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, on view until May 2.

ArtMarch 02, 2021
Obras urbanas y realidades sociales

Espacios públicos, obras urbanas y un interés especial por la historia. El muralista argentino explora con tino el concepto de identidad mediante su obra.

ArtMarch 02, 2021
A multisensorial experience

“Click Connect Collect” is a pop-up exhibition by the Vienna-based Christine König Galerie in collaboration with Koenig2 presenting their current artists.

ArtMarch 01, 2021
Un viaje de euforia y desencanto

La artista rescata objetos justo antes de su decadencia, estableciendo un diálogo con ellos para entender cómo encajar unos con otros, con sus vacíos.

ArtMarch 01, 2021
The moments after impact

New artist-run gallery Giant, presents its inaugural exhibition “Crash”, focusing on the ‘crash’ impact of the global pandemic, on view until April 30.

ArtFebruary 26, 2021
No bullshit, no lies, everything to the forefront

Straight from closing up her solo show "Stepping out to Step in," this artist talks deconstructed bodies, ancestral spirits, and women’s intuition.

ArtFebruary 24, 2021
Set in stone

South Korean artist Yoon Giljung uses photography to reveal and reinterpret the things we believe to be unchangeable – beauty, truth, human nature.

ArtFebruary 24, 2021
Dibujando sin sobrepensarlo

La ilustradora chilena nos recuerda lo que es crear libremente y por diversión, dibujar sin pensarlo dos veces y dejando que su creación la sorprenda.

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