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Galleryweekendberlin2018 metalmagazine 2
ArtApril 23, 2018
What you can’t miss

The German capital is ready to celebrate the eight edition of the successful event, in which art lovers and collectors alike will gather. From April 27 to 29.

Day 37   selling services 3
ArtApril 20, 2018
Art from the unemployed

When this artist lost his job, he set out to spend his remaining ten weeks notice on an art project, resulting in a lot of creative and critical works.

Laiaarqueros metalmagazine 16
ArtApril 18, 2018
Una mitología propia

Inspirada por la iconografía y la mitología clásica, la polifacética artista crea un universo propio con reivindicaciones feministas y seres fantásticos.

Cjh monochrome installationviews 032818 0480
ArtApril 17, 2018
Enter the rainbow house

In collaboration with Pantone, the Brooklyn-based artist lets a framed drawing on the wall dictate the story of a 7-room colour coded home installation.

Estherstocker metalmagazine
ArtApril 13, 2018
Imperfection and illusions

Self-defined as “geometric fictionalist”, the Italian artist explores concepts such as imperfection, loneliness and the collective through tape installations.

Matthewschreiber metalmagazine 13
Art - DesignApril 12, 2018
A solid laser illusion

The light master’s work may assemble a sci-fi movie or a computer simulation but it’s actually something solid that you can feel. The illusion becomes real.

Green screen shadow rain
ArtApril 10, 2018
Immersive pixels

Are you ready to enter a room of pixelated brush strokes? Dive into Mathew’s work and discover how he brings digital languages into the physical canvases.

Albablazquezyo metalmagazine 21
ArtApril 10, 2018
Simbolismo multicolor

Como no le gusta definirse, dice que es “bruja y hace cosas”. Y realmente al ver su obra nos quedamos hechizados por su simbolismo, carácter, y fuerza.

Technartebilbao2018 metalmagazine 5
Art - DesignApril 09, 2018
Hablemos del futuro

Tecnología e innovación artística se darán de la mano en el Bizcaia Aretoa de Bilbao los próximos 17 y 18 de abril en esta exclusiva serie de conferencias.

 83 portraits and 1 still life los angeles 18th may 2016 david hockney photo by jean pierre gonc%cc%a7alves de lima
ArtApril 09, 2018
How to capture people’s souls

John Baldessari, Larry Gagosian and Frank Gehry’s portraits are some of the ones you’ll see at LACMA’s newest exhibition, inaugurating on April 15.

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