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Fashion - ArtNovember 30, 2020
Scent, sculpture and knitwear

Olfactory self-portraits and knitwear collide in the studio of fashion and scent designer Katharina Dubbick, who theorises post-coital and post-rave scents.

ArtNovember 26, 2020
Black vernacular and the new Flemish still life

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Rembrandt with contemporary hip-hop? Troy Chew’s “Yadadamean” artworks mean you no longer have to.

ArtNovember 25, 2020
Arte apocalíptico

Caótico, abarrotado de personajes grotescos, y desafiando los límites de la moral. Bienvenido al universo fantástico y catastrófico del artista cántabro.

ArtNovember 25, 2020
Cornucopia for the senses

Explore a rich sensory connection to nature and beauty through painter Alonsa Guevara’s first limited edition prints in collaboration with Her Clique.

ArtNovember 24, 2020
Behind tired eyes

Startlingly relatable and hauntingly relevant, Tristan Pigott’s latest exhibition at London’s Alice Black Gallery is nothing short of a revelation.

ArtNovember 20, 2020
Reshaping celebrity with rubber bodies

Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, David Bowie and Cleopatra star as phantoms in Teiji Hayama’s warped visions of a world suffering from social media fatigue.

Art - FilmNovember 20, 2020
Plural identities

As part of the online exhibition “Out and About: Queer Visibilities in the Collection,” the Berlinische Galerie presents six short films about queerness.

Art - MusicNovember 19, 2020
Humor activista

La artista y codirectora de La Juan Gallery presenta sus últimos trabajos, “Herencia Gitana” y “Amapolla”, en los que revisita la copla desde la comedia.

ArtNovember 16, 2020
Reality leaves its mark

Feast your eyes on this manifestation of lockdown loneliness by the Hamburg artist who questions what it means to be human in the post-digital age.

ArtNovember 16, 2020
Más allá de la obra-máquina

Sumérgete en un paisaje ritual y lleno de dualidades creado por el artista italiano Serj para la convocatoria anual de la Blueproject Foundation.

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