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ArtMay 04, 2021
Una exploración de las rutas migratorias

La Casa Encendida presenta la segunda exposición del ciclo "Un rastro involuntario" comisariada por This is Jackalope, disponible hasta el 20 de junio.

ArtMay 03, 2021
Imaginings of innocent precocity

Galerie Perrotin New York presents “Of Beauty and Consolation,” where visual formulae try to solve universal existential problems, on display until June 5.

ArtApril 29, 2021
La crucifixión contemporánea

Para el artista la pintura es religión, y su don para concebir piezas donde el color trasciende lienzos y sacude emociones mediante la abstracción.

ArtApril 27, 2021
Being comfortable in your own skin

This Maltese artist takes a step in front of the lens, making her body the subject of her work to challenge the stereotype of the 'perfect female form.'

ArtApril 27, 2021
The art of intimacy and performance

Kiala Kanzi and Selassi form the creative duo while photographer Sol Bela documents the project: a playful mural that reveals their common identity.

ArtApril 27, 2021
¿De qué o de quién nos protegemos?

El museo Es Baluard nos hace reflexionar acerca de las estructuras de defensa y sus implicaciones, en su nueva exposición, disponible hasta el 26 de septiembre.

ArtApril 23, 2021
Breaking away from real life

The Canadian Creators Collective from Montreal presents a virtual exhibition where art meets design inspired by seventies sci-fi for one week only.

ArtApril 20, 2021
Sound, light, space

Israeli Berlin-based artist explores safety and material culture in her multi-sensory room installations that act as performances without performers.

ArtApril 19, 2021
Exploring the strength in the feminine

This Colombian artist lets us into the process behind painting the modern woman and the origins of what brought her to the world of art and fashion.

ArtApril 19, 2021
Transforming the undefined

The Seoul-based artist uses his experimental form of balloon sculpting, coated in an epoxy resin, to form his unique furniture-like 'blowing chairs.'

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