The pandemic launched us into a juxtaposing spiral of isolation and connection. As the domains of the online and in-real-life worlds became vigorously intertwined, we observed a blur in the complex binaries of reality and virtuality. And now, as humanity eases back into normality, we slowly depart from this solely-digital sphere. Explored through their theme Deep Authentic, the Krakow (Poland) based festival, Unsound, conspires to embody this very concept through a bountiful experience of music, sound and visual artistry. The festival is set to span across venues in the city from October 13 to 17.
Although scaled back from its usual booming size, the Unsound lineup sets out to deliver like never before. The local and familial intimacy of the event only adds to the ‘authentic’ aspect of the theme. Once again, Unsound divulges an impressive multifaceted program. The festival encompasses a multitude of creative dimensions: from the premiere of Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe’s score for the horror film Candyman to the devotional music performance from Shackleton & Zimpel, The Spirit Still Remains – there’s something for everyone.

On the musical front Unsound platforms a lineup of unequivocal innovation. From the dark wave performances of Mala Herba to the ambient tracks of Nicolás Jaar – this lineup doesn’t fall short. The programme spotlights a plethora of artists for which the “authentic” strain of the theme sits centrefold.
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 3.jpg
Nicolás Jaar
One installation of said authenticity is delivered through the rap-mastery of Bbymutha. Far from her humble Soundcloud start, Bbymutha now boasts a discography of excellence. The Tennessean rapper delivers her work with a powerful side of bravado: her message is clear, her lyrics are nuanced and her presence is real. Likewise, Ecco2k – cofounder of artistic collective, Drain Gang, promises to deliver a set enshrouded in self-reflection. The British-Swedish visionary weaves an exploration of identity between the experimental pangs and injections of his soundscape.
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 11.jpg
Bbymutha by Rebecca Storm
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 4.jpg
Ecco2K by Hendrik Schneider
Keeping in line with the “deep” element of the theme, the lineup pertains to it’s glitchcore roots. A respectful array of producers and DJs are set to perform, including the highly anticipated Tygapaw and the euphoric cacophony of Juliana Huxtable.
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 6.jpg
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 5.jpg
Juliana Huxtable by Matt Lambert
Also looking to dose the crowd in a pool of musical genius is London based DJ and producer Object Blue, as well as enigmatic musician American songwriter and vocalist Eartheater. Through meticulous blending of samples she crafts a fluid masterpiece that’s rife with eerie undertones and shrilling synths
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 8.jpg
Eartheater by Daniel-Sannwald
This year the festival welcomes the appearance of innovative authors: Aaron Benanav, the author of Automation and the Future of Work and Kuba Szreder, delivering a performance of his book The ABC of the Projectariat. Also set to take the stage is author K Allado-McDowell, who, in his book, Pharmako-AI, divulges the coexistence of nature and technology in the 21st century. The work is co-written with the AI language model GPT-3 and denotes the required symbiosis of humankind and technology to persist in the modern world.
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 12.jpg
Aaron Benanav
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 2.jpg
K Allado-McDowell
By now it’s clear that the creative boundaries of Unsound are limitless. The lineup also features a host of club nights with promising DJ’s at their forefront, with Berlin-based Philadelphian Lsdxoxo and the eclectic Monster set to feature. Additionally, New York-based Polish director and artist duo Pussykrew, will showcase a segment of their interactive odyssey. Presented in the form of orcl, an AR experience with AI-powered deities placed throughout Kraków. Their art sets out to explore the liminality between physical and digital realms, delivered in diverse mediums of VR sculpting, real time animation and photogrammetry.
Unsound Festival Metalmagazine 9.jpg
Check out the full programme for Unsound Festival 2021 here and get your limited individual tickets for special events here.