2019 is a digital era, and in the creative world, we are slipping more and more into online space. So how does an app launch manifest itself in real life? One big party in a 16th-century convent filled with a psychedelic light show, cutting-edge music and a cool guest list. We find ourselves in Sivasdescalzo’s party, taking place in front of iconic museum and skater spot MACBA.
Sivadescalzo, the luxury streetwear retailer whose store looks more like an art space than a clothes shop, invited us to attend their party last week. Their recently launched app facilitates buying limited edition and exclusive reissue garments through raffling – saving hypebeasts from the usual hours of queuing for the latest drop. It also provides with exclusive content, offers and sales, so for those wanting new sneakers and apparel – ranging from Nike and adidas to Rick Owens and Undercover by Jun Takahashi – it’s ideal.
Last Friday’s party pinpointed urban culture. DJs were Benji B, an established DJ most famous for his work with Louis Vuitton and close friendship with Virgil Abloh, and Louisahhh, one of today’s most exciting techno artists and a strong feminine force; she kicked off the party with her signature driving beats and commanding, yet haunting vocals. 
The celebration was taking place IRL, but, of course, it transcended the physical space: stylists, photographers, actors, PR people, influencers, models, club kids, and other people from the creative industries used the opportunity to generate online content while, of course, having fun and dancing like there was no tomorrow. As headliner DJ Benji B puts it, “no virtual or digital simulation can ever replicate the physical experience of being in a nightclub and sharing that with other people is irreplaceable”.
Transitioning into Benji B’s set was interesting, after Louisahhh left us ready to plunge ourselves into yet more aggressive techno, which contrasts with Benji’s generally more chilled style. When I rushed outside to thank Louisahhh for such a great set, she laughed, “I only know how to do crazy” as we hear Benji B calming things down a bit from inside. 
Once he gets into his rhythm, different tribes appear on the dance floor – some for hip-hop, others for electronica. Benji B sensitively makes us all a space to dance. After his set, Benji is swarmed with people keen to talk to him outside. Cigarette in hand, you can hear this is someone who knows his music. I leave him to the enthusiastic up-and-coming artists of the future who talk to him passionately. A fun night fulfilled its purpose, we got some excellent tunes, and they got an impressive video. 
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