Her sound can be described as futuristic disruptive club music. Shygirl is the alter ego of Blane Muise, a British rapper that brings a new sound for those who are not afraid to listen to it. She is artist defying genres and addressing taboo topics as an empowerment statement, who is everything but shy. Today she presents the music video for her newest single Cleo.
In the beginning, we see the artist's silhouette staring at projected images of herself while hearing a cinematic orchestra of strings. It all stands to reason as she sings the chorus line “you got me feeling like a movie star, call me Cleo,” in reference to Cleopatra. As the song progresses, the beat comes in and turns to disco, followed by her captivating vocals. The story follows through with hazy disco visuals and her diva poses as she repeats “all eyes on me.” A danceable song she has dedicated to those who make her feel loved.

This is definitely her year, having gone on to star in Burberry’s Olympia bag campaign, and teaming up with Mura Masa to remix the Lady Gaga and Blackpink track Sour Candy for the Dawn of Chromatica album, just to name a few of her credits. Her lyrics are an inspiring way of welcoming what people have always been pointing out to her, “why deny how you’re perceived? You can’t hide from it. Instead, I have embraced it and rewritten it for myself,” as she says.
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