Fed up with his brand being stereotyped as streetwear rather than luxury, Kerby-Jean Raymond has played his cards right by bringing out an accessory line focused on handbags and women's footwear like this. Pyer Moss' new products are made in Italy by the same company that works for Saint Laurent or Bottega Veneta. Check out the campaign shot by photographer Shikeith and styled by Dara Allen.
Their newest drop consists of bags that come in three different styles: a three-dimensional hand-shaped bag, a trapezoidal bag with two hands and a solid-coloured trapezoidal bag. All of them in red, yellow, green or black. For shoes, they have strapped-sandals, ankle and thigh-high boots with their heels designed as if they had been squeezed in.

Nevertheless, this connection is not something that Kerby and his team have recently come-up with. It has been in the making ever since 2019, in the day of the brand’s 10th anniversary, when they decided to take a step back from the public eye and refocus on what and how they wanted to make their garments. Somehow, it feels as if that decision had allowed him to go back to his roots, to what originally made him want to become a fashion designer.
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