Minimalist, airy, light. This is your new store obsession. Their origin story dates to 2015 when the online store launched. But since early last month, they’ve gone IRL in LA to much excitement. You can expect to find emerging international talents hand-picked from the fashion, art and lifestyle sphere in the capacious store. Ones you might be familiar with are hedonistic Rave Review, feminine disruptor Yuhan Wang and retro queen Anne Isabella. Also, designers such as Rosie Evans will be offering exclusive pieces including up-cycled kilts, knitwear pieces by Summon Elemental, tees painted with bleach by Persian Artist Nadair Asghari and many more.
Persian identity is key to the store, since Maimoun is a Persian word, “meh-moun” that translates as the company or guest(s) who are invited to your home for a gathering. The importance of gathering runs deep for Founder and Owner Mina Alyeshmerni who is recreating a meeting place at Maimoun for creatives like her family did in their home. After leaving Iran during the 1979 revolution Mina’s parents would host salon events that gathered poets, singers, musicians and artists together. That community feeling, supporting emerging talent from all over the world, is what Maimoun store intends to extend upon. Mina said, “We wanted the store to have a voyeuristic quality where you felt you were stumbling into someone’s space, however ephemeral it might be- coming across rare designers, art, and objects.”
That personal, homely touch is everywhere at the store and in the curation of such individual designers. The space was designed and built out by Mina with the help of a Persian interior designer Niloufar Mozafari led by Mina’s inspiration. References ranged from Issey Miyake storefronts, 80s films to Persian home – such as all-important floor cushions. Other collaborators for the interior include fashion designer James Phlemuns for the fabric applications, Artist Chloe Park for the ceramic light fittings and Windows LA furniture.
Iranian American designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh joins the rails, who also seems to be in the habit of revisiting memories of home having shot her Autumn/Winter look book at her parents’ house in Los Angeles. Her elegant, wearable designs fit well amongst the other designers. Such as whose prêt à porter pieces are set off by a deconstructed series of staple garments such as Dress With Holes.’s liberal use of cut-outs aligns with the aesthetic of Stefan Cooke, whose iconic jumpers make something functional sexy. On the topic of sexy, Yuhan Wang pieces at Maimoun are sure to be a hit whose latest show displayed a fierce side of the Wang woman. Whatever your style, be sure to check out LA’s new kid on the block.
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