The LVMH Prize has announced the list of finalists for the 2024 edition. Back in February, the organisation shared the names of the twenty semi-finalists (which we told you about here), and now, they’ve narrowed them down to just eight: Julian Louie's Aubero, Duran Lantink, Ellen Hodakova Larsson’s Hodakova, Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, Niccolò Pasqualetti, Paolo Carzana, Pauline Dujancourt, and Michael Stewart's Standing Ground. These shortlisted designers will now have the opportunity to present their work to the esteemed LVMH Prize Jury at the final event taking place on September 10th at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.
The jury, composed of industry forces like Jonathan Anderson, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Nicolas Ghesquière, Phoebe Philo, and Pharrell Williams will determine the winners of the LVMH Prize, the Karl Lagerfeld Prize, and the newly introduced Savoir-Faire Prize, which recognises excellence in craftsmanship, technical innovation, and sustainable practices.
After the eight finalists were announced, some debate sparked around social media surrounding privilege and lack of diversity. This year, among the twenty semi-finalists, we found designers from Togo, Brazil, Taiwan, Mexico, South Korea or China, which was highly celebrated both by the audience and industry insiders, feeling like this was a turning point celebrating and acknowledging non-Western standards. However, all eight finalists happen to be from Western countries (Europe and the US) and white, which has people wonder what criteria does the jury follow.
The LVMH Prize offers substantial financial rewards and mentorship opportunities to its winners. The recipient of the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers will receive a €400,000 endowment and tailored mentorship by LVMH teams. Additionally, the winners of the Karl Lagerfeld Prize and the Savoir-Faire Prize will each receive a €200,000 allocation and one-year mentorship by LVMH teams.
Aubero, founded in 2022 by Julian Louie from the United States, merges architectural insights from The Cooper Union with his experience in women's fashion design to create a distinctive menswear brand. Inspired by his Santa Cruz upbringing, Aubero embodies casual elegance through innovative material choices and craftsmanship. Louie's collection features rich textures on classic silhouettes, blending expressive elements with a hint of theatrical flair.
Duran Lantink, based between Amsterdam and Paris, is renowned for its distinctive garments and environmentally conscious collections. By blending pre-loved pieces, deadstock, and sustainable materials, each garment evolves with the spirit of the times. The brand's unique approach fosters a continuous dialogue between designer and owner, resulting in timeless and truly unique creations.
Swedish designer Ellen Hodakova Larsson is on a mission to establish the world’s first entirely sustainable fashion house and shift consumer perspectives. Embracing craftsmanship, she repurposes existing items into luxurious creations. By working with discarded pieces, Larsson seeks to imbue her designs with history, beauty, and sentimental value. Founded in 2021 in Stockholm, her eponymous brand reflects her Swedish heritage and commitment to sustainable fashion.
Graduating from La Cambre in Brussels in 2020, Marie Adam-Leenaerdt launched her eponymous fashion brand in 2023. Drawing inspiration from everyday objects, she crafts timeless garments that evoke surprise and emotion across generations. With strong cuts, precise constructions, and luxurious materials at the forefront, Adam-Leenaerdt's collections embody a distinctive style resistant to trends, bordering on artistry.
Right from Tuscany, Niccolò Pasqualetti proposes an androgynous wardrobe inspired by the sartorial codes of Italian heritage. Pasqualetti's designs bridge the gap between classic womenswear and menswear, ushering in a new era of sartorial elegance. Each piece he presents is meticulously crafted by local artisans, reflecting a commitment to both quality craftsmanship and cultural heritage.
Paolo Carzana, a London-based designer with Welsh roots, pioneers sustainable fashion through his innovative use of organic, plant-based, and antique materials. His collections are a testament to his commitment to eco-conscious practices, as he sculpts emotionally driven silhouettes with creative cutting and delicate construction techniques.
French-born designer Pauline Dujancourt, based in London, redefines womenswear through intricate knitwear processes. Her collections feature singular silhouettes blending knit elements with delicate metallic crochet trims, empowering skilled female artisans.
Irish-born designer Michael Stewart founded Standing Ground in 2022. His brand specializes in modern eveningwear, custom garments, and body ornaments, all tailored to the individual form. Stewart's designs draw inspiration from ancient landscapes and speculative futures, blending temporal resonances to create distinctly timeless pieces.