For a quarter of a century, the LVMH Prize has served as a dynamic platform, nurturing the brightest talents in fashion. This year, as the prestigious competition commemorates its silver anniversary, it does so with unprecedented enthusiasm, drawing a staggering 2,500 applications from eighteen different countries worldwide. From established fashion capitals to burgeoning hotspots like Mexico, Moldova, and Togo, the 2024 edition paints a vibrant picture of cultural diversity and creative innovation poised to redefine the fashion landscape.
Twenty remarkable semi-finalists are set to debut their collections at the upcoming Parisian event, offering a compelling fusion of established trends and fresh voices. Noteworthy is the resurgence of womenswear, gracing the stage with a renewed sense of elegance and sophistication. In a departure from tradition, the LVMH Prize invites the public to partake in the selection process alongside esteemed industry experts. From February 29th to March 5th, fashion enthusiasts worldwide can cast their votes online, actively shaping the competition’s outcome and championing their favourite designers.
Reflecting the evolving priorities of the fashion industry, the 2024 edition introduces the eagerly anticipated Savoir-Faire Prize. This new accolade spotlights young brands dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship, technical prowess, and sustainable practices. It underscores LVMH’s steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and responsible production, values that lie at the heart of the fashion industry’s future.
Delphine Arnault, Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “This year’s edition marks a significant milestone for the LVMH Prize. Not only do we witness a record number of talented participants, but also the return of sophisticated womenswear collections that showcase remarkable diversity. The establishment of the Savoir-Faire Prize further underscores our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability – themes crucial to the future of our industry. I am deeply grateful to the countless experts who contribute their invaluable knowledge and to all the aspiring designers who participate, making the LVMH Prize a true benchmark for young talent.”
Aside from the competition itself, the LVMH Prize supports talent through various initiatives. It offers three prestigious awards: the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, focusing on creativity; the Karl Lagerfeld Prize, acknowledging emerging brands; and the previously mentioned Savoir-Faire Prize. Additionally, the Prize recognises three exceptional fashion school graduates, granting them ten thousand euros each and a year-long placement in one of LVMH’s design studios. Applications for all categories remain open until March 17th, 2024, on the website.
This year’s finalists cover all corners of the world, and you can find it here:
Agbobly by Jacques Agbobly (Togo), Aubero by Julian Louie (United States), Campillo by Patricio Campillo (Mexico), Chiahung Su by Chia Hung Su (Taiwan), Duran Lantink by Duran Lantink (Netherlands), Elena Velez by Elena Velez (United States), Fidan Novruzova by Fidan Novruzova (Moldova), Hodakova by Ellen Hodakova Larsson (Sweden), Jiyongkim by Jiyong Kim (South Korea) Karoline Vitto by Karoline Vitto (Brazil), Khoki by Koki Abe (Japan) Marie Adam-Leenaerdt by Marie Adam-Leenaerdt (Belgium) Niccolò Pasqualetti by Niccolò Pasqualettin (Italy), Paolo Carzana by Paolo Carzana (United Kingdom), Pauline Dujancourt by Pauline Dujancourt (France), Ponder.Er by Derek Cheng and Alex Po (China), Standing Ground by Michael Stewart (Ireland), Vautrait by Yonathan Carmel (Israel), Who Decides War by Everard Best and Tela D’Amore Best (United States), and Ya Yi by Yayi Chen Zhou (Spain).
As the fashion world eagerly awaits the crowning of the next generation of icons, the 2024 LVMH Prize promises to be an unforgettable celebration of creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship on a global scale.