After the success of their pop-up in Miami and having landed in Dubai with the opening of their inaugural store in a unique event that nobody wanted to miss, Les Benjamins now launches their debut fragrance line. Good news for the brand that continues to expand by leaps and bounds, consolidating its vision and demonstrating that coherence and consistency are two fundamental pillars in its vision. The unisex ten fragrance collection, made to mix or used individually, has just been launched globally. Discover all the details on their website.
Liquid Gold⁠, Dry Amber⁠, Mystic Oud⁠, Night Dew⁠, Oriental Express⁠, Desert Dawn⁠, Moroccan Misk⁠, Vanilla Sky⁠ and Emerald cut are the names of the ten fragrances with which Les Benjamins opens a new chapter in their history. A project that they have been working on for a long time and that allows them to take their business a step further. “Both myself and the brand’s founding creative director Bunyamin have long-layered and cultivated our personal fragrances by blending sometimes up to five different layers of oils, perfumes and ouds, so instilling this into Les Benjamins and getting to curate a new fragrance language for the brand has been a dream,” says the head of womenswear Lamia Aydin, who now fulfils a dream with this new project in which the brand’s long-standing mission to bridge the east and the west through the marriage of cultural symbology is still present.
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