The last time we spoke with Jacob manuel, he had just presented his new single It will happen. It was just over a month ago, and we were already anticipating that the release of his debut EP, Mind Alters, was very close. Finally, this new work has seen the light and we can listen to it on all platforms. Four tracks make up an EP with which the artist opens up to his audience, allowing them to get to know him a little more deeply. Radioman, A Mindless Ocean and Gray are the three songs besides the previously mentioned included in this new work.
As we already mentioned in our previous conversation, Jacob manuel's new EP was recorded during the lockdown, after a reflective and introspective process as a result of the pandemic and its unusual effects. Approaching universal themes such as love or time, the artist who takes influences from classic rock or grunge, among many other musical genres, advances his professional career while consolidating his personal sound.

We must highlight Gray, a track that manages to surprise in just 2 minutes. But we are sure that we have not yet seen the true surprise of the artist, and we will have to wait to see his next releases in order to know his full potential. What is clear is that the first EP is a great moment in the career of any singer and musician, which shows that they have been able to work around a central idea. What will be the next step in his journey? We will know very soon.