The last time we talked with Gerle she had just released Terminal, a song in which she reflected on the meaning of life. The dark single in which death, also the death of relationships, was the main theme, let us see how the artist made her musical project a space for personal expression. Now we talk to the California-based indie-pop artist again about her new release, Secret. A single which is about looking back and forward at the same time, and reminiscing on the good times and the bad.
“It's about not wanting to admit to ourselves that a relationship may be over, or may have ended up somewhere it wasn't supposed to,” Gerle tells us, demonstrating that the cycle of human relationships is a constant in her artistic visión. Denying reality or not wanting to accept things as they are, the different perspectives on life or the succession of scenarios that we have to face in our vital experiences are some of the most present issues in her music. Also in the new single that she now presents. “Sometimes the biggest secrets we keep are from ourselves because we don't want to see reality, and what's right in front of our faces.”

The song has a markedly intimate tone, the result of a process of introspection. Doubts, internal debates, and nostalgia also make their mark on Secret. “There's a flow and a vibe. It's pretty chill, there is a good mixture of melancholy and euphoria to this song, for me,” Gerle tells us when asked about her latest release, which we can now listen to on digital platforms.
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