Do you have an artistic or creative project and you want to make it happen but you don't know how? Is there an amazing never-before-seen idea on your mind and you want to shape it in the best possible way? Do you want to show the world that your project is worthy and share everything it can contribute to the world? Forecast is without a doubt the answer to all these questions. This interdisciplinary network for knowledge transfer pairs every year with six expert mentors in different fields with mentees to help support and develop some interesting and unique projects. Under the motto “Mentorships for Audacious Minds,” this platform can help you make your dreams come true. And now you are in luck. They have just opened their worldwide call for applications and have already announced who will be the six expert mentors for their next edition.
We still can't tell you much about the unique program in the world that Forecast is working on for its next call. For this, we still have to wait a bit, but what we can assure you is that the 2023-2024 edition will help those whose creative and artistic vision shows that they have something special to make their projects come true. How? By offering artists and creative thinkers from anywhere in the world the chance to work with accomplished mentors toward bringing their projects to fruition. Six carefully selected brilliant minds will follow each step of the finalist projects, providing them with their knowledge and advising them on this exciting adventure.
Do you want to know who are the mentors of its eighth edition? They're poet Gabeba Baderoon (South Africa), drummer Greg Fox (USA), visual artist Roee Rosen (Israel), fashion designer Irakli Rusadze of Situationst (Georgia), photographer Mila Teshaieva (Ukraine), and performance artist Yuya Tsukahara (Japan). Six talents from different parts of the world are willing to share their creative vision with those who will work non-stop to prove that their projects are really worth it. They all engage with practices that highlight the autonomy of creative endeavours and emphasize the significance of independent art-making in today's artistic scene.
From the search for poetic language by the award-winning South-African poet and academic Gabeba Baderoon to the interest in finding candidates who are interested in using rhythm to explore time and space championed by the multi-instrumentalist, interdisciplinary artist and drummer Greg Fox There is room for all creatives with determination and enthusiasm in this international call. The Israeli-American artist, filmmaker and writer Roee Rosen hopes he can help mentees who write and create visual art, film, and video, while the Tbilisi-based fashion brand Situationist creative director, Irakli Rusadze – whom we previously spoke to at METAL –want people to apply with projects that are unique, sincere, and authentic.
The Ukrainian artist, photographer, and filmmaker Mila Teshaieva, who has documented the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine through photography since the beginning, says: “I will be happy to read proposals written in a simple and honest way. While reading your text I want to feel your motivations, I need to understand why it is important for you personally to carry out this project.” And Japanese performer, director, and choreographer Yuya Tsukahara, who is a co-founder of the improvisational performance collective contact Gonzo, highlights the importance of never-before-seen projects, of surprise and impact on the audience. “I would like to meet people who want to create a new value set in the performing art scene, something that hasn’t yet been understood as art.”
The worldwide call is now open through the following link! We can tell you that the selection process is two-tiered. First, the mentors carefully review all proposals and invite three nominees each to workshop with the mentor and present their ideas at the Forecast Forum in Berlin. And that's when a high-voltage trip will begin, which we'll talk about soon. Stay tuned!
Gabeba Baderoon Photo by Victor Dlamini.jpg
Gabeba Baderoon
Greg Fox. Photo by Ebru Yildiz.jpg
Greg Fox
Irakli Rusadze by Grigor Devejiev.jpg
Irakli Rusadze
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Mila Teshaieva
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Roee Rosen
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Yuya Tsukahara