Having shaped a project about being boundaryless, Elliot Lee has just revealed Easy To Be You. Their new single is dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community and is released during Pride Month, and it comes two years after the last time we talked to her. It was in July 2021 when we featured their EP, Queen of Nothing, in an article you can read here, and since then, the Brooklyn-based artist has not stopped working on their musical career, having amassed more than two million streams on Spotify in some of their tracks and sharing their most inner feelings with their audience.
“It’s about struggling with self-image and identity expression as a queer person,” Elliot reply when asked about their just-released single and music video, Easy To Be You. “It's meant to encapsulate the (sometimes self-imposed) ebb and flow of femininity and masculinity that many of us experience and also to portray the frustration that comes with seeing other people seem to fit so easily and comfortably into those categories,” add Lee, who are LGBTQIA+, openly non-binary and an advocate for Autism Awareness.

Two years ago, in the EP that we mentioned a moment ago, the artist recreated a fictional world, Queendom, to refer to the tyranny of the system and the restriction of freedom that those in power promote. Now Elliot go a step further and continue to defend their values, the rights of all people to express themselves and be who they are without having to hide, through an exciting creative universe.