Some weeks ago we told you in this article about the great event that Brunch Electronik was preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary. An ambitious project, the largest to date, that would take place in a wonderful city, Barcelona, inviting on stage some of the most well-known names in electronic music all over the world. We’re there to experience it for ourselves and be able to share our impressions with you now. And, before telling you all the details, we can assure you this experience is worth it and the energy is unbeatable. The pre-registration for Brunch Electronik Festival 2024 is now open here!
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Having confirmed a line-up as complete and careful to detail as the one we enjoyed in this first edition of the Brunch Electronik Festival in Barcelona, it was almost impossible that some of the most awaited DJ sets wouldn’t overlap in a non-stop program. This is what happens when you invite essential names in the electronic music scene such as Carl Cox, Nina Kraviz, Fatima Hajji or Paul Kalkbrenner to take part in the same event. And despite the difficulty of managing so many sets that no one wants to miss, we have to acknowledge the efforts that the festival organization has made so that all of us could enjoy the best sound in an almost impossible mission. 
We said it in the article that we shared before Brunch Electronik Barcelona kicked off. This event would take place at three different venues, Parc del Fòrum, Jardins Joan Brossa and Nitsa Club. These perfectly chosen locations have allowed us to enjoy a complete multisensory experience. While in Parc del Fòrum, the star location of the event, we’ve been able to dance to the rhythm of the best sound overlooking the sea from its five stages, at Nitsa Club we have put the finishing touch with an exceptional quality that has not left anyone indifferent. We shouldn’t fail to mention Jardins Joan Brossa, the main location for Sunday with which we bid farewell to this edition. Excellent views, sound and energy. 
Great international names have got on the five stages distributed in the Parc del Fòrum - GrooviK, HarmoniK, RhythmiK presented by Resident Advisor, EuphoriK by Estrella Damm, the festival's official partner, and IconiK. From Boys Noize B2B VTSS to Little Dragon or Marco Carola, it is impressive how Brunch Electronik Festival has coordinated all the confirmations in its lineup, not forgetting the very busy agendas of all these artists, who are currently on non-stop tours attending the most important festivals in the world.
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Neither high temperature nor fatigue resulting from dancing for three full days have stopped the thousands of electronic music enthusiasts, who have made the first edition of the Brunch Electronik Festival in Barcelona a complete success. Besides the amazing lineup, the festival has shown a scene truly unique far from the most mainstream festivals which sometimes lose a bit of their identity. Brunch Electronik has built its own essence over the last decade on very well-defined pillars, in which quality sound and efforts to shape a different experience have always been present. 
We can't stop talking about Paul Kalkbrenner's great set, absolutely unbeatable. Nina Kraviz once again demonstrated why she is one of the essential faces of current electronic music. Of course, she made us all dance to the rhythm of bailando. We should also mention Carl Cox, for whom this week has been totally crazy chaining festivals. Despite having said not to be feeling one hundred per cent and reducing the set he had planned by one hour for reasons unrelated to the artist, he demonstrated why he continues to grow his fanbase every year.
Although the festival was sometimes very crowded making it difficult to move around the venue, the queues at the food and drink stands have not been excessively long and the waiting times have been fine. This is something to highlight positively because it made us enjoy this experience, which offered a diverse range of musical styles that kept the crowd dancing and enjoying to the fullest, even more. This cannot be said for the access to the site, something the organization should work on more conscientiously in future editions. Some members of the security team at the entrance didn’t know the protocols, being unaware of the different bracelets to enter the festival and the differences among them all. We would like to inform all those who are interested in attending future editions of the festival that, if the same protocols are applied as in this last event, once you have entered the festival you will not be able to leave. It’s important to keep this in mind to avoid problems, as we’ve seen this weekend.  
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This first edition in Barcelona has attracted over 66,000 people throughout the entire weekend, a great success for the festival which has already opened pre-registration for Brunch Electronik Festival 2024 here. Last but not least, we must also highlight the commitment to the environment demonstrated by the festival, which strives to minimize its waste as much as possible to reduce its carbon footprint and become a zero-waste and 100% circular event. 
“We're proud to announce that due to the overwhelming success of this inaugural edition, the planning for the second edition of the Brunch Electronik Festival in August 2024 is already underway,” said the festival organizers, who are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering an even more spectacular experience next year, with surprises and novelties that will undoubtedly excite electronic music enthusiasts.
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