The last time we spoke to the Berlin-based band Ameli Paul they had just released their single Musca, accompanied by a slyly harder remix from fellow German producer Yubik, released through Meiosis imprint. Today they are premiering their debut album, Echoes of Memoria, in which we find this first single and many others. A project with which the German live act and vocal electronica outfit explore their most poignant sonic narrative to date, as they combine avant-garde electronic production techniques with neo-classical instrumentation and heart-wrenching storytelling. Having been on their mind for 2 years, the album is finally unveiled and we can already listen to it!
“Now, at long last, our protégé is finally taking his first breath. Our idiosyncratically grown plant that's battled through all these shared moments of struggle, doubts and frustration is now standing up again through key moments of inspiration; regaining confidence and acceptance of who we are,” says Ameli Paul when asked about the premiere of their important project, Echoes of Memoria. A work with which they conclude a chapter. “It's the roots of our identity that we carry in our hearts… forever,” they add about the 12-track album in which we find songs that are just over two minutes long like Ardor and tracks that exceed six minutes like Fever Dreams or Musca.
Currently supporting legendary German producer and internationally celebrated live act Monolink on his biggest European tour to date, Ameli Paul now offers us a thought-provoking opus conceived and created over the past 24 months, with each track on the album representing a period in their turbulent relationship, dating back to 2016. Six years in which emotional ups and downs have been present, and now released in the form of sound through Echoes of Memoria.