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An artist who is everything but categorisable. The visionary Kelsey Lu comes back with a new musical proposal together with electronic pioneer Boyz Noise. Their classical training doesn’t go unnoticed, presenting strong contrasts and switching their voice from dark to delicate. It all somehow evokes an intriguing sense to it, matching the captivating and mysterious beat. To top it off, they presents a music video directed by Diana Kunst alongside Mau Morgó, starring Kelsey Lu themselves beside multidisciplinary artists Slim Soledad and Samba Injai. A team that seems to have all the perfect ingredients to come up with an unmatchable fantasy universe.

We rapidly feel immersed in this fresh project exploring the limits of isolation and human connection. A film about profound feelings, where emotions and sensuality become protagonists. “With the world slowly and awkwardly opening up, we’re still trying to find our way through the woods of isolation towards one another in order to hold and fill these spaces of erotic expressionism,” says Lu on the video. This piece by Diana Kunst shows off a duality between futuristic and analogic images, all in black and white.

Lu converts everything about their expression and identity into a work of art. Their disruptive energy pushes the boundaries wherever they go. After their debut album Blood in 2019, they now present this new song that will not fail to impress us. And although we find them begging for love and validation, their creative and powerful pose is more present than ever.

Giulia Ramírez
Diana Kunst

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