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Charismatic, confident, and boyishly handsome, Parisian indie pop trio Keep Dancing Inc. have just released their latest album, Initial Public Offering, whose star single Rhum & Ginger Magic brings back the spiky electronic gospel tunes mastered by the ‘Cold Zouk’ ambassadors. 

Remember how last year METAL interviewed them before their first debut in the United Kingdom? Well, much has happened since that moment. Building up a cult following back home in Paris, the trio have played alongside acts like Mykki Blanco and Lost Under Heaven, gaining a representation for an irrepressibly sparky live presence and, as far as we know, their forthcoming plans are just about to confirm that this young band is soon to become a new revelation of synth pop beats.

As for now, Initial Public Offering incorporates a polyphonic, multichromatic blend of styles and sounds to any playlist, and the master is the single Rhum & Ginger Magic. The soft and mellow tune mixes up with eccentric bass lines, drum patterns and guitar riffs which sine one to the band’s usual radical melancholic lyrics.

“We really wanted to make a song you could both cry and dance on. I (Charles) wrote the music on my Yamaha dx7 quite easily over a night right after watching Donnie Darko for the first time.” But Rum & Ginger Magic is actually the story behind the always-charismatic boys’ crazy nights at their local hub La Chambre Noire, some of which can actually be seen in their latest video clip. Still sticking to their DIY ethos, Keep Dancing Inc. is undoubtedly keeping up with their corporation’s mission statement of “spreading the fun for everyone”.

In their early twenties, these three frenchies can be proud of building up more just than a genre; ‘Cold Zouk’ is more than just that – it’s an aesthetic, an ethos, an invitation to dance.

Wanna join the fun/fan club? Check the rest of the tracks here and welcome to their party!

Marta Faria

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