This summer, prepare for a sizzling collaboration between two trailblazing entities that have captivated their respective realms. Meller, the coveted eyewear phenomenon with a devoted online following, and Sónar, the pioneering Barcelona-based music festival that embodies the essence of electronic music and digital culture, have joined forces to celebrate the festival's monumental 30th anniversary. The result? A limited edition sunglass featuring rising musician, Leïti. The limited edition pair will be exclusively available at the Sónar festival.
From June 15th to 17th, Barcelona will be engulfed in a whirlwind of music, creativity, and technology as Sónar takes centre stage. And what better way to commemorate this extraordinary occasion than with a pair of new sunglasses that exude style and panache? Since its inception in 1994, Sónar has remained at the forefront of European festivals, celebrating electronic music and digital culture. Year after year, the festival transforms Barcelona into a vibrant hub, attracting music lovers, artists, and professionals from all corners of the globe.

Adding a touch of stardom to the campaign is none other than Leïti, Barcelona's boundary-pushing rapper and a next-gen multi-talent, who will grace the stage at Sónar after becoming the face of the new Meller x Sónar campaign. With his unique blend of trap, afro beats, and R&B, Leïti has captivated audiences, won over the Barcelona underground scene, and even made his mark on the hit drama series Élite with his acting prowess. Now, he's ready to breathe life into his latest creation, the double album Apocalipsi, influenced by his Senegalese roots and fearless nature. Brace yourself for an electrifying performance at Sónar 2023 as Leïti brings his musical masterpiece to life.

Meller's dedicated team has tirelessly absorbed the pulse of the industry to craft these iconic shades for Sónar's 30th anniversary. The result? A striking fusion of artistry and design, limited to just seven hundred and fity units. Boldness takes centre stage with the transparent red bio-based frame, paying homage to the signature colours of both collaborators. Complemented by reflective orange lenses that evoke a sense of fiery passion, these sunglasses boast a 90s-inspired silhouette with a contemporary twist. The visible steel skeleton, elegantly engraved, adds a touch of neo-industrial charm. Whether you bask in the sun while enjoying the daytime shows or immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of the night, these limited edition sunnies have got you covered.

Born on the vibrant streets of Barcelona in 2014, Meller represents the epitome of curiosity and exploration. Their mission is to break free from monotony and prove that the right pair of glasses can revolutionise your perspective on the world. For Meller, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. From now on, all their designs will be manufactured using bio-based materials, showcasing their unwavering commitment to a better tomorrow. But sustainability doesn't mean compromising on quality. Environmental consciousness extends to the packaging as well. Each pair of glasses is delivered in a case made from PET, a non-toxic and one hundred per cent recyclable material. The outer packaging is crafted from paper and cardboard sourced from certified forest fibres, embracing sustainable practices from start to finish.

The Meller x Sónar 30th-anniversary limited edition sunglasses promise to elevate your festival experience to new heights. The message is clear – Barcelona is the place to be. Calling out all adventure seekers and music lovers: embrace your wanderlust and uncover these exclusive sunnies at Sónar's magnificent grounds. Barcelona awaits, and with Meller x Sónar, you'll experience the festival of a lifetime while looking effortlessly chic.
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