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Made to elevate others and encourage us to feel positive about everything we leave on the way, as the artist commented on her social media a few days ago, MAVICA's debut LP is a masterpiece. The London-via-Madrid multi-hyphenate artist, with whom we spoke last May when she released the music video for her single are you back?, now presents her new great project, sometimes a person never comes back (but that's okay), which is filled with ethereal melodies and electronic-tinged production and bolstered by her haunting, otherworldly vocals.

“This album is about connecting to your real self and your body through movement in order to express yourself in a way that you can be your purest version by making the right turns, the right decisions, taking the right way and nurturing from what you have around. And when you get to this point then your body moves, it contracts and relaxes in waves that make you feel alive,” says MAVICA about the meaning of her new LP, entirely written and produced by herself with additional production efforts from Spanish producer PBSR. From no puedo decir que no (no regrets) to the title track, sometimes a person never comes back (but that's okay), which is a soft hug of a song, the album shines showing sensitivity and coherence.

It’s a compilation of ten songs that lead through the process of understanding and accepting that, sometimes, we have to leave people and certain beliefs behind in order to grow in the right direction. MAVICA tells us more about this new release, with which she continues to position herself on the international music scene. “When I saw all the finished songs together for the first time I cried. Then I celebrated and danced until I couldn’t anymore for every minute my body has been sitting in a chair writing, producing it or going crazy.”

David Alarcón
Aina Diago

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