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When sound and image come together they can result in a very powerful formula capable of connecting with the audience very closely. A good example of this is the new music video for MAVICA’s single are you back? in which she starts from a personal experience to create a multisensory atmosphere full of nuances taking care of everything in detail. Directed by Spanish theatrical and commercial filmmaker Anna Parcerisas, nostalgia embraces dance in a project that explores themes of transition, release, and closure. This is a sneak peek of everything that is to come for the artist this year.
“I wrote this song after ending a friendship. I was stretching myself, hesitant to let go and pushing the relationship to its limits until it broke,” says the Spanish singer-producer when asked about the starting point of her new single, are you back?, which comes along with a music video that perfectly captures MAVICA's desire for freedom and closure. "There were many moments of doubt and insecurity leading up to and after the breakup. The fear of loss and abandonment you feel is just as present in a non-romantic breakup,” she adds about a moment of confusion that resulted in a phase of acceptance of fate.

After learning how to deal with the frustration of seeing the relationship go downhill without being able to save it, MAVICA channels this vital experience through music, making it a universal language to which now she also adds visuals that further enhance the message and meaning of this single. Now it’s time to wait for the launch of the projects she’s working on for the coming months.

David Alarcón

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