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The last time we spoke to Anna Margo was in October 2022. She was releasing Bad Friend then, one of the most honest songs she's ever written. From the importance of mental health to honesty and self-care, there were many fundamental issues that the artist addressed a few months ago. Today she presents her new single, Something To Lose, delving into how feelings are sometimes stronger than reasoned decisions, dictating how we act. Because, sometimes in life, you have to let yourself flow assuming the possible consequences.

Something to Lose is a love song about me passing the point of denial and admitting that I can't control how I feel about this person and have to give it a fair chance, no matter how scary it is putting your heart on the line, and having something to lose,” replies the 21-year-old, LA-based, singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist when asked about her new release. She’s right, the emotions we feel for some people are difficult to control and many times we cannot even find the reason that leads us to make certain decisions. That is life, a roller coaster of feelings.

The production kind of has a bossa nova feel to it, which is the result of being inspired by her family history. Specifically, in the vital experiences of her parents, to whom she pays tribute with this release. “They are originally from Armenia, but shortly after they got engaged, my mom had to move to Brazil with her family for her father’s job. My dad, at 18 years old followed her there because he couldn't handle the distance,” she explains. They both stayed in Brazil for a few years, in what was one of the happiest but also most challenging times of their lives. “They both speak Portuguese fluently till this day, always remember their time in Brazil with fondness and often say that’s where they really fell in love.”

David Alarcón

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