Coming from a family where music played a big role in their life, it sounds just natural that Zø Marie ended up being a musician herself. With an album and several singles already under her belt, the American singer and songwriter is releasing Addiction today, another track to add to her promising career. Starting with her ethereal voice and slowly increasing the intensity to finish with a massive instrumental part, her new song is addictive – pun intended.
Speaking of how Addiction came to be and the meaning behind the lyrics, Zø Marie explains: “If addiction exists, true love cannot exist. This song takes you on a journey of what it is like to be obsessed with the feeling another person gives you and how that addiction prohibits a person from ever finding love but only living an abnormal, lustful life filled with toxic relationships.” Maybe you’ve been the one chasing someone else obsessively, or maybe it’s been the other way around. In any case, she’s right, we can’t think of obsession as true love.
Demonstrating her vocal and musical versatility, Zø Marie’s new single features her soulful vocals but also intimate whispering, which are beautifully paired with instrumental arrangements that go in crescendo – just like the obsession or addiction she speaks of in the song. “I wanna sleep tonight / I don’t wanna go home without you,” she starts singing. “One day I’m gonna make you mine,” and “I’m addicted to you,” she continues in following verses. An obsession never ends well, but it’s a valid and nice inspiration for many works of art, and this song is just prove to that.