The most incredible thing about collaborations between artists is not only the final result, which on many occasions translates into never-before-seen results capable of hypnotising the audience, but also the creative process that has led to achieving the piece. Ziggy Alberts and Canadian singer-songwriter and Juno Award-winning artist Donovan Woods, who now join forces on their new single The Sun & The Sea after having collaborated in a completely organic and natural way, are a good example of it. Because associations between artists built on honesty and truth are also a reality.
“We actually got talking because I put one of Donovan’s songs on a personal playlist of mine – and I proceeded to slide into his Instagram direct messages after he left a comment,” Alberts, who has hundreds of millions of listens on Spotify, comments when asked about the origin of this collaboration whose result he is now presenting. “Everything about this collaboration has been so natural... From the first time I heard Donovan sing we want to be famous, I was blown away; it felt that this was how the song was meant to be all along,” adds the artist, who seems to have enjoyed the whole process since deciding to work together on this release.

But possibly the most exciting thing of all is that the respect and admiration are mutual. “When he sent me this song and the line “When he sent me this song and the line “We’re still figuring out…” was right there in it, I felt like I understood the sentiment. It was a joy to work with him on it. I love the sparseness and directness of it. It makes me feel the way Ziggy’s songs make me feel, so I’m into it,” Woods explains. The result? The Sun And The Sea, a single that comes along with a music video directed by Hype Republic's Josh Weir and it's a captivating piece, reflecting one of the tracks' many sentiments.