ZADA's sound has something captivating, possibly a result of the connection her lyrics have with her feelings and life experiences. “The setting was crucial to the concept – and the long drives were well worth it – to stay true to my story,” says the artist about the music video for her new release, NOMAD, which she now presents. A single that comes from the hand of Tear Us Apart, a track in which she shares a poignant reimagination of a story told by her grandmother. In short, music with meaning is presented in a completely mesmerising way.
Celebrating her roots and journey to date, ZADA's new song, NOMAD, is a reflection of her graceful sound aligned with production that is fresh, uplifting and full of new ideas and promise. The Ethiopian-born, Whistler, British Columbia-based artist builds her musical project on connection. A connection that transcends what is strictly visible or tangible, and that has a lot to do with the energy and sensations that people and life experiences entail. “I wanted this video to mirror my experience as a Canadian immigrant, which required a long conversation with Cole Northey,” she adds when asked about the music video she is now releasing.

It is not easy to define the musical genre in which we could frame the artist. In her sound, Afrobeat meets strong pop hooks, melodious chorus and folk spirit. But beyond the personal project, it is worth highlighting the visual piece that she now reveals, perfectly executed and with an aesthetic more typical of a film production than a music video. “Everyone from Untold Creative had great energy and really sat down to hear my story!,” says the singer. We will have to wait to find out what are the next steps that she takes in her musical career.