Making his new single a modern rock anthem for the 21st century, New York native Zack Martino continues to explore the boundaries between electronic and rock on his latest release, Snow White. A song in which he collaborates with Kyle Reynolds whose music video is being released today, in which feelings and emotions meet with sound and a celebration of the past, the present and the bright future of the artist. “This record's about falling for someone who just isn't ready for a relationship,” explains Zack, who materialises the toxic tale of a girl who wants to fit in when she’s losing sight of reality in this new job.
They both grew up with bands like Blink-182 and Sum 41 and have been writing songs together for over a year. “We decided on our next song we wanted to dive into our roots and give everyone a refreshing take on a dance/punk crossover,” says Zack Martino of this new collaboration with Kyle Reynolds. A track in whose creative process the entire team involved spoke openly about their past experiences, creating an atmosphere of total trust that now takes the form of a music video that takes us into the story of a young girl. From a break up to a pool party, there are many feelings we go through as we travel through this new piece, which perfectly shows the emotional ups and downs of the human being.

Snow White is the latest chapter from the artist who, with over fifty million views across all platforms and after performing on some of the most coveted venues in the United States, continues on his way to stardom. And it is that the energy that this new single transmits is a constant in Martino's work, who has made power, percussion and constant work his best allies, getting a plausible personal style.
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