Longing haunts us every day of our lives. Sometimes this longing is a person, sometimes a place or just a memory about a day. Yvonne Ambrée, the Brooklyn-based singer from Berlin talks about it in her new song Anyone Someone, an indie-pop release capable of taking the listener back to their deepest memories “I most likely wrote the song as a reminder to myself and maybe I can remind some listeners along the way,” she says.
Ambrée writes, records, produces and performs, and her latest project, Anyone Someone, was born in 2021 by the singer herself and producer Jeremy Page. After spending the worst lapse of time during the pandemic, she finally was able to collaborate with another musician, and nostalgia served as a starting point. “Once you are aware of that longing and have no way to feed it, it can sometimes turn into a free fall or you think you are losing your mind slowly along the way,” explains the singer.

With and arranged synth and analogue instrumentals, the single explores dimensions of desire, longing, non-attachment and letting go. As if she were transporting you to another era, the singer immerses you in electric sounds. The lyrics are deep, thoughtful and it's really easy to connect with them. “Sometimes it is nice to remember that patience and learning from failure goes a long way in understanding who you are,” says Ambrée in reference to the meaning behind the lyrics.