The Brazil-based artist is presenting his two-part exhibition for the first time in Taipei at Each Modern. Entitled a man called log, the reference is dedicated to the crucial exportation of the Pau Brasil tree, which is cultivated and destroyed to be delivered all over the world. Abstractly, the term also focuses on the transformation of the tree into the log, reflecting Yi-Hsuan’s notions from the point of view of Brazil and his art. The first part is currently on view until May 29, and the second part will be available from June 5 until June 19.
Lin’s paintings integrate the cultures from both where he was born in, Taiwan, as well as the place he has resided in for over a decade, Brazil. Showcasing twenty-six recent paintings from 2020 to 2021, his works depict Brazilian graffiti and Asian lines pulling the focus to the artistic movements of Brazil — juxtaposing, merging and breaking down generic elements such as lines, circles, and colour blocks to combine rudimentary painting components.

The steps taken to create for the artist is on answering the questions of the process itself: how, what and the meaning of the painting. Upon appreciating his works, Lin believes in pursuing the answering these questions unintentionally, letting the perceived experiences and time within the paintings do the talking. The concept is especially demonstrated in one of his most recent works, Do whatever you want here (2021), in which Yi-Hsuan reworks an initial piece, painting over with distinct rectangular shapes.
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