Today the Brighton based four-piece Yakul are releasing their new EP Outlines proving why they’ve gained a foothold in the British music scene. Through four singles, Take FlightTime To Lose (feat. Adi Oasis)The Space and Falling Sky, the musical project who has cemented their status at the forefront of the international R&B, jazz and soul movement allows us to learn more about their creative universe and their fantastic sound full of nuances. Dealing with themes of escapism and questions focusing on consciousness and reality in their lyrics, this new release opens a new chapter in their career.
“This was the first project that we wrote in the room together. Over the past couple of years we've taken several writing trips to the countryside where we fully disconnect and just write music all day,” replies Yakul's frontman James Berkeley when asked about this new EP they’re now releasing, Outlines. Marrying introspective emotional lyrics with deep grooves and jazz-infused progressions, their sound is easily recognizable and with each release they further reinforce the DNA that distinguishes them in a music scene marked by media booms, continuous releases and the influence of trends on different genres.

Having 90 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and after building a loyal fan community over the last few years, their latest EP opens with Take Flight, which is a technicolour and mesmerizing offering, melding saturated vocals, unpolished percussion and a warm dose of their signature synthesis and comes along with a music video filmed and edited by Avocado Baby Media with help from Wild Stag Studios. The sound journey then reaches Time To Lose opting for a more laid-back approach, The Space, which takes inspiration from the '80s sci-fi soundtracks, and ends in Falling Sky, which opens with dreamlike chords rippling through the speakers building slowly towards a powerful crescendo. This is one more demonstration of Yakul's talent and personality.