Since Azerbaijani musician and vocalist Zuzu Zakaria and Finnish producer Tatu Metsätähti formed Ya Tosiba in the early 2010s, they have not stopped advancing in the exploration of sounds and musical genres, shaping a project with identity in the current scene. Their forthcoming album, ASAP inşallah, is due for release in May 2023 via the Finnish label, Huge Bass. But we don’t have to wait that long to find out where they're headed musically on this new album. Today they’re unveiling their first single, Mənəm, a sweet love song with a poignant VHS shot video, an edit taken from an untitled short film by Muşfiq Əhmodov.
As soon as you listen to their songs or watch their videos, you’ll realise that Ya Tosiba is not interested in the trends of the moment. True to its essence and reflecting on deep and transcendental themes through sound, this new single is rooted in deeper love. “It is about finding yourself in a world of many profound feelings where days turn into nights, where one waits from dusk till dawn in a cureless longing for something nameless, in vain,” they comment on a feeling of hope for forgiveness and peace of mind. “The Tar from Center of Universe makes this track more romantic, soulful and graceful without losing its immensity.”

We must resort to the study of musicology and the background and influences of the musical duo to be able to fully explore the electronics, live instrumentation and Folkloric poetry of Caucasus shaped into a spirited, groovy sound. From Tatu's background in Skweee (Scandinavian Funk) to Zuzu's encyclopedic knowledge of music from Turkish psychedelic, Caucasus Disco and Finnish Tango, this musical project plunges us into worlds of sound which may be new for many people, proving to have a strong personal stamp. An identity that transmutes as they’re not afraid of experimentation, but keeps a recognisable DNA.
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