Xzavier Stone releases Gates of Heaven off his forthcoming EP Whatz Up due out June 28. Party-ready and euphoric Gates of Heaven sounds like a cutesy video game character that has broken into the real world to take us on a journey to an underground nightclub for the rave of ours lives. It doesn’t shy away from bass or shrill synths that glitter through your headphones.
Taking inspiration from the Atlanta Bass scene, the track has a 90s edge. The album artwork inspires the sound also, created by the talented Babybrush and Studio Murasaki, a Japanese illustrator known for designing the Strictly The Best compilation artwork in the 90s. Bright, gestural and rooted in RnB history there is still a dynamic quality to the visual and sonic identity of Gates of Heaven. It’s begging to be danced to. Codes of the internet also seem buried into its core, with electronic chords that blare out like a video game soundtrack. Pure escapism.

As part of his second self-released EP the foreign-language track stands apart from the two other songs on the release in terms of language. Also, compared with XZ Xzavier’s first EP the musical references have shifted back one decade, having previously explained “[XZ] EP is heavily influenced by jiggy '00s instrumentals and contemporary minimalistic, yet hard-knocking US rap music”. Whatz Up reaches into the vocal-centric RnB artist’s toolbox to create a collection of songs that are experimental, sensual and playful. Confident drums that are laid down with intention drive forward the danceable rhythms, that are sure to enthral listeners.