We know that 2022 promises a long list of new releases, but we haven't even finished the first month of the year and we already have a few, like the new work of multidisciplinary artist Xander Ghost, who today presents his first EP: Galeedi.
Released independently, the Cairo-based DJ, musician, designer and creative director, signs a five-piece EP where he reflects his influences – which include Amnesia Scanner, Brodinski and Snor – and his personal tastes that make up the multidisciplinary creativity that pervades all his projects. Galeedi, which features artwork by John Burgerman, is an ode to the mutant nature of the city and country where Ghost was born, portraying, as if it were a musical photo, the unique energy that defines Cairo as a city, both past and present. “Galeedi is an introductory experimental soundscape that explores and excavates themes such as race, romance and competition in my mother tongue, Arabic, a choice that allows me to express myself more thoroughly, using puns and double entendres that have no adequate counterpart in English,” explained the artist.