Self-defined as “Someone who likes to create, with no tag line or genre,” Wu-lu launches South, featuring Lex Amor, a song and music video that speaks of the transformation of Brixton, South London, the city he grew up in, and watching it become a place that he doesn't recognise anymore. “It's coming from the perspective of growing up in the area. Alongside doing a lot of youth work and hearing similar stories told by people from 'the endz' (the city's forgotten neighbourhoods). Taking these similar narratives to speak what I believe as my truth for the development of an area I once knew.”
The music video has a strong message and it includes references to the fight for the rights of Black people. When talking about how he wants to showcase this matter through his music, Wu-Lu stated that he started doing so because he has to, "It’s not a choice really, it's more of an upkeep in my well being more than anything."

“I am a person of colour. I will always be a person of colour. I will always be speaking from that perspective. I wrote this song before the Black Lives Matter movement was televised. But that being said, on any platform that I work within I will always be speaking my truth through the lens of a person of colour and, in turn, be supporting the progression and development of Black Lives Matter in some shape or form through my art.”

The song might give off the feeling that there's quite a political message behind it, however, Wu-lu says that his work isn’t necessarily political. “I make what I make through my own experiences. If that happens to have a political nature then so be it, but I'm not overtly trying to be a political statement.”
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