From Montreal to the world, here we present you a brand that reunites the multiculturalism of the planet in each collection. For WRKDEPT there is no fine line between genders, instead they are embarked on the unique mission of reshaping human silhouettes and, sooner or later, dress Kanye West or the Pope.
How would you describe the client of WRKDEPT?
Laid back, artsy, curious.
Why a unisex brand?
Montreal is a unisex city; boys wear platforms, girls live in combat boots, boys kiss trans girls, who kiss bisexual girls. It’s a melting pot of gender; our pieces are for anyone try-sexual.
How does your Canadian background influence the collections?
It’s a giant country of immigrants, full of hope and diversity.
The mixture of materials and textures of your garments doesn’t go unnoticed. How do you choose the elements you’ll be playing with?
Our favorite texture is wood. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Loic Bard, a conceptual furniture designer based in Montreal, who always comes up with interesting accessories aligned with the collection we create.
What was the reason for choosing such an unusual material?
We like the natural element of wood and the idea of wearing wood. It’s a funny thing to think you are wearing little pieces of furniture as a ring or a necklace. Our F/W15 collection referenced the Renaissance, so Loic played around with porcelain jigsaw pieces, creating these fabulous, outrageous necklaces. We want to continue exploring more natural elements and textures that we can add to our future collections.
Is the redefinition of the silhouette your final aim, or is there something else?
The silhouette is definitely key, but we are always trying to re-interpret street wear and how it is presented. We want people to love their clothes, look different, but not take themselves too seriously. As you break down the collections into individual pieces, each item feels innovative and personal.
The last collection had a “new samurai mood” as source of inspiration. The new denim capsule collection is much more cosmopolitan. Can you explain how things can influence your work? Are your evolutions based in the antitheses of the previous work?
Our collections always reference cities we travel to and use as a point of reference and a beginning for the collection itself. For S/S15 we traveled to Shibuya, for F/W15 we were in Italy, and for S/S16 we headed to Hanoi and Saigon. There will, of course, always be re-occurring pieces like the oversized pant, however each city is a further exploration of the brand.
For the denim capsule collection we simply wanted to explore the cultural obsession with denim in contemporary fashion; but presenting it in a more aesthetical context. Also, this capsule collection was something to do in between seasons to maintain the interest and draw attention to the brand – and it’s working!
How do you cast the models for your campaigns?
We like diversity in gender, culture, and sexuality. We love those awkward types and the occasional hip-star jock. It is always a mix of street casting and new faces – general rule is good vibes.
Music plays an important role in your projects. It has always been this way or are the newest vibes asking for it?
We live in Montreal, an extremely important city when it comes to music, electronic music specially. In summer most major streets are closed to accommodate musical festivals. We have been lucky to collaborate with BABI Audi, Leo Franco, Bootyspoon, Empress, and Entrée, all of them amazing and innovative DJs. We love music and it will always be a defining part of the brand.
Who would you like to dress and for what reason?
Kanye West or the Pope, for world domination.
Which piece could sum up your entire brand?
Our Maison Martin Marijuana t-shirt. It was the first thing we ever made.
Where will we be seeing WRKDEPT in ten years?
As a fully developed ready to wear unisex line in DSM London perhaps. Fingers crossed!