Since our interview with him in 2018, Willaris. K has resurfaced uniting with jamesjamesjames to give us a highspeed car chase in sound waves. With no plan, jamesjamesjames and Willaris. K set out to simply create music – driven by no other force than a steady beat. This effortless release perfectly melds together thumping basslines, ethereal melodies, and hypnotic rhythms creating a sonic landscape where listeners are ensnared on a journey of self-reflection.
The first track on the EP Bullet Train to Paris is a strong, and very present, opening, setting the tone for the rest of the tracks. Our expectations are instantly exceeded and we are engaged in a whirlwind of timbral manipulations that evoke the feeling of living in your own head. Automne delivers a change of pace and a change of space. Offering us a slower atmosphere, jamesjamesjames and Willaris K. show off their techno-cal intelligence and their ability to manipulate emotions through soundscapes creating a “5 am crying-on-the-dancefloor” anthem.
This Australian duo know exactly how to manipulate vibrations in the most immersive way, and this EP is a prime example. Its electronic textures, pulsating energy, and heavy synthetic snares are the result of Willaris K and jamesjamesjames’ commitment to their craft, pushing the boundaries of the genre and taking it to the next level. 
Both jamesjamesjames and Willaris K. have an extensive and impressive resume. Accumulating over 50 million streams on Spotify, jamesjamesjames has performed at major events like Sugar Mountain x Boiler Room, and after having seen Willaris K.’s set irl, it's safe to say his reputation precedes him; collabing with Skin-on-Skin on a UK/EU tour. With two artists like W.K x Jjj working together, this EP is sure to blow your brain cells, expanding your techno love (or hate) into new realms of possibility.
Set to release today, this techno EP is a testament to the evolution of techno and a must-listen for enthusiasts seeking a mesmerising new sound.
Willaris. K X Jamesjamesjames   Silversun   Press Shot   Credit  Pollen.artsclub.jpg