Today we’re featuring the latest release of WeTurnToRed. It’s her new EP, Rogue Planet, on the Toronto label Cosmic Resonance. The modular synth artist/DJ Shamanta Chandran, better known as WeTurnToRed, is presenting her new project, with a special mention to the track Nee Moottu Mo, an experimental nod to South Indian classical music featuring her 90-year-old aunt’s vocals. But there’s more. She’s also unveiling the music video for Feels Good, a brooding ode to ‘90s electronica featuring her sultry vocals.
Taking its title and leading theme of otherness from late nights tuned into foreign YouTube space channels during the pandemic, ideal escapism, Rogue Planet allows us to know much more about Samantha’s creative vision through five tracks: Feels Good, Rogue Planet, Deeper High, The Machinist, and Nee Moottu Mo. Rogue planets don't belong to a planetary system and scoot through untethered space. Shamanta relates to this as a Syrian-born, Tamil-Canadian, and she’s often felt like an outsider since she moved to North America. She had to find acceptance, build confidence, resilience, and fearlessness, and define her own orbit, essentially.

After having been featured on Planet E's Detroit Love comp series, MSTRKRFT's label and Detroit imprint PITS, WeTurnToRed now presents the fantastic new track Nee Moottu Mo, which features her 90-year-old aunt’s singing. She came up with the idea after she found an embroidered skirt her mother had bought in 1982 in Damascus. The music video that comes along with the track Feels Good is directed by Timur Musabay and features WeTurnToRed's moody and sultry vocals accompanied by performer Tahnee Reyes, who moves in and out of human form.

“I wanted the theme of the video to depict strength and sensuality, and the power of yearning. Tahnee Reyes is a powerhouse performer and embodies what I was looking for in elevating the brooding nature of the track,” she says. “Timur and I have been keen to do a video for a while. I’d connected with the production company guys through Toronto’s synth community. BLK_SPACE Studios is a collective of visual and audio artists. They specialise in vintage analogue effects and other modern modular video processing and rescanning techniques mixed with digital techniques.” Check it out!