A distinct notion of cultural luxury that infuses European heritage with an Afro-Atlantic spirit, Grace Wales Bonner’s informed cultural research embraces a multiplicity of perspectives. The multidisciplinary spirit of Wales Bonner's Spring/Summer 2023 collection offers a celebration of hand craftsmanship, revealing instances of exchange which intertwine history for future generations leaving behind any material traces. Introducing their campaign we have Horizon Blues, a film by Jeano Edwards which serves as a cinematic recap of their Spring/Summer 2023 show at the Palazzo Medici in Florence (Italy). Edwards captures the reverie enabled by encounters across time and tradition alongside Ibrahim Mahama who recounts the special resonance of materials steeped in history.
Exhibited through Ghanian beaded macrame dresses and artisanal jewellery, woven cottons made in Burkina Faso, cashmere tuxedos made in partnership with Savile Row, t-shirts made in collaboration with American painter Kerry James Marshall and opera coats crafted specially by the House of Charvet in Paris. Grace Wales Bonner unites traditions across continents. Semi sheer silks, formal shirtings, cinematic collars, and tailored silhouettes fly away under the Florentine sun while cowhide mules and snakeskin sandals introduce a new footwear collection.

Reverberations continue as we meet the latest iteration of adidas Originals by Wales Bonner; marathon-wear reinterpreted in futuristic silver and patent leather football boots, a collaboration which fittingly represents the brand’s central ethos – an elegant and evocative dialogue between European heritage and Afro-Atlantic spirit.

The musical direction for the runway show, developed by James William Blades includes chamber music from Malian kora player Ballaké Sissoko, contributions from American musician Chino Amobi and South African sound artist Philip Miller. As well as newly commissioned music from Pa Salieu.
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