Besides connecting with the public or moving to a parallel universe for a moment, music also serves to heal wounds. Turned into a repairing balm, this art helps many artists to analyze situations, project past experiences from other points of view and get to know oneself better. “This song helped me reach my resolve: to never make the same mistake again,” says Swiss alternative-pop artist and producer Vôx Vé about her new song that she’s releasing today, You Don't Know How Good You Had It. It is never too late to forgive oneself.
Writing from home in Switzerland throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, in the months before and after the death of a family member, Vôx finds herself suddenly seeing life through a new perspective in which gratitude, human connections, awareness of what is truly important in life or regret configure a new lens. And in her new release, the artist addresses her past self, wishing she could grab her and shake her for ever having taken for granted her life with all her loved ones still in it.

Mental health is one of the fundamental pillars on which Vôx Vé builds her life, being fully aware of the importance it has in the lives of all of us and the urgent need to address certain issues that until now would have been relegated in the background. It’s only a few months until we can fully listen to her forthcoming first full-length LP We Went Looking for Art. And we are sure that this work will mark a turning point in her musical career.