Last week, Vivetta Ponti – Italian designer and creator of Vivetta, the surreal and girlish brand oh-so-loved by bloggers – was kissed by fortune as fashion guru Giorgio Armani chose to show her collection at his Armani Teatro during Milan Fashion Week. Backstage we had the chance to closely examine and admire the stunning embroidery distinguishing Vivetta's fw 2015 collection, which was inspired by Marianne Faithfull’s late 60s style and attitude. We spoke to the up-and-coming designer about her past, present and future projects.
Tell us about your professional background. Looking back on your experience and accomplishments, which landmark moments would you identify as having been pivotal on your journey to becoming one of the fashion system’s most promising talents?
Since I started working with embroidery my style has become even more defined and I feel like I really started to express myself from that moment onward.
I learned everything about embroideries when I used to work at Roberto Cavalli - those years proved essential because of everything I learned. In fact one of my main tasks was that of studying and creating all the embroideries for the shows so I had the opportunity to design entirely embroidered clothes.
Roberto Cavalli’s dresses where often very long and I had to draw on the floor so I spent all day long lying down or seated making collages.
Your brand quickly reached viral success thanks to support from blogs and social networks. What is your relationship with the internet?
Internet is very useful as an instrument both for gaining visibility and for discovering new things. I don’t know how I could live without it…
Everything is faster and it also allows you to skip very long stages when doing research on images or books.
Throughout the years, you’ve been able to build an extremely recognizable universe through your delicate, ironic style. What kind of girl do you think typically represents Vivetta and what kind of girl do you have in mind when doing your creative work?
My designs speak to girls who want clothes that are unusual yet not over-the-top. If I wasn’t Vivetta I would buy some of the clothes I design and keep them forever. Some of my embroidered clothes are everyday-wearable yet refined, for example shirts, that’s why I love them very much.
For your last collection which you just showed in Milan you were inspired by Marianne Faithfull’s attitude both as a groupie and as an artist. Is there any other international muse or icon able to inspire you like she has?
I really like Claire Maguire who I am going to dress for her next tour, she’s a very charming and stylish girl.
After your debut on the Milan catwalks, what’s next?
My sunglasses line in collaboration with Spektre which will be out in spring 2016 and I’d love to design a couture collection very soon!