Lacing wrists, necks, waistlines and glittering hands and ears, Vitaly has just dropped a new collaborative collection with alternative fashion brand Drop Dead. Vitaly is no stranger to allowing guests to remix their staple futuristic jewellery, as they have previously collaborated with artists such as Ugly Worldwide, Iann Dior and Kacimi Latamène. And this time around, Vitaly presents a capsule gravitationally organised around a set of geometric forms; it's a five-piece collection consisting of two chains, a ring, an ear cuff and a tee-shirt (Overhaul Choker, the Acid Chain, the Schism Ring, the Respira Ear Cuff and the Lab Team Tee).
The Vitaly team, led by Zack Vitiello, invited Oli Sykes to produce the limited release for their label. Drop Dead founder, and Bring Me the Horizon frontman worked within the brand’s cyberpunk design language to achieve a cogent line of four jewellery items. There is a harmonious creative synergy between Syke's metalcore musical history and the brand’s punk sensibilities. The collection introduces organic, amorphously angled steel isolates. The pieces visually echo one another; the ear cuff particularly recalls the mirrored geometries applied to the ring. In this way, the collection is playful and experimental. The set of iterations is also highly flexible in its use and styling potentials – acid is modelled as both a waist chain and a necklace.

With clear references to the y2k sci-fi aesthetics that inspired the collection, the capsule’s accompanying editorial further plays with the jewellery’s geometries. The organic forms are abstracted and are expanded into flame-like intrusions in the images. Both chains feature Vitaly’s icon, the Glyph, which also appears alongside Drop Dead’s logo on the Lab Team Tee. As always, the collection is genderless and produced using recycled stainless steel. Available online now, the pricing ranges from $42 - $120.
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