This summer, Vitaly, the Toronto-based jewellery brand known for its bold and genderless designs, is taking inspiration from a whole new kind of muse: heavy machinery. The campaign throws a wrench into traditional aesthetics of beauty, transforming the rugged world of construction into a trove of unexpected style with new essentials.
Founded in 2011, Vitaly has established a distinctive presence with pieces that defy gender norms and capture global cultural currents. Committed to sustainability, the brand's creations are crafted mainly from 100% recycled stainless steel, ensuring each piece endures as long as a skyscraper. For Summer 2024, Vitaly goes off the conventional fashion route, inspired by the raw power and industrial textures of construction equipment. Picture chunky chains mimicking the tracks of massive tyres, bracelets echoing the forms of mechanical gears, and statement necklaces reminiscent of the engines driving progress.
This collection showcases Vitaly's most substantial chains to date, adorned with faceted stones that seem freshly unearthed from a construction site. The Heavy Machinery campaign highlights a selection of the brand's latest essentials. The bold Pulse Lip Cuff introduces an industrial flair to any ensemble. The Cascade Bracelet and the Torque Bracelet infuse outfits with a robust dose of industrial chic. The endlessly adaptable Decimal Chain ensures the Heavy Machinery aesthetic can complement any wardrobe.
Vitaly’s collection is now available on the Vitaly web store and in their Toronto and LA flagship boutiques.