The new release from the abstract thinker and genre-bending artist viisi is a turning point in his musical career, but also in his personal growth. Inviting others to relate to each story and becoming completely immersed in places of his vulnerability, now he presents Episode I: Autophobia, with which he redefines the boundaries of what's possible by pairing his melancholy pop duet chasing ghosts with his roadrunner fast hip-hop anthem na na na and pulls it off with ease. Combining different music genres and creating his own by adding his personal essence, the artist brings us closer to his sources of inspiration, his musical references and his way of seeing the world with this latest release.
Episode I of this creative project is a significant step in a larger world I have been building during a period of both personal and artistic growth,” responds viisi when asked about the meaning behind this project that he now reveals, stepping forward and standing his ground as an independent thinker. By diving deep into his core memories of him and exploring his innermost emotions as a multi-dimensional and dynamic artist, he continues to open up emotionally to his audience which continues to grow already having more than ten thousand monthly listeners on Spotify.

In the opening song chasing ghosts he collaborates with the singer-songwriter Chelsea Collins, while in his electric-twinged rap anthem na na na warns other rappers of his immense ambitions over tidal waves of percussion and swift sonics. Starting from honesty and having grown up listening to artists like Eminem, Dr. Dre, Tupac or Biggie, viisi makes music a very powerful vehicle for transmitting messages with which he promises to continue expressing himself for a long time.
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