Victor Clavelly  specialises in bringing the fantastical into our tangible reality. Through fashion and CGI design, Victor constructs not just otherworldly silhouettes but structured narratives; “currently, I am developing a lore that connects all my work,” they tell us. Inspired by the comprehensive worlds of video games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Victor’s pieces, though each singular in their own way, speak to one another and form the building blocks for their own ever-expanding marvellous universe.
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Could you please start by introducing yourself and explaining what you do?
I’m Victor, a designer and CGI artist based in Paris. I spend half of my time working on womenswear collections. I graduated from Ecole Duperré in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I couldn’t find a job in a fashion house, as the industry was blocked. After several months, I turned to CGI, which I had been learning on my own for several years and began working for an image studio called Services Généraux. My work revolves around using illusions and shapes to transform and enhance the body. I use fashion as a medium for storytelling.
As a designer based in Paris, how do you feel the city inspires or influences your creations?
To be honest, I don’t find the city itself particularly inspiring. I have lived here all my life, but it’s not a place that specifically influences my work.
You have mentioned before that storytelling is a significant aspect of your work. Why do you think fashion is such an effective medium for telling stories?
I enjoy storytelling by developing characters. I love creating and naming them. In a way, I wanted to be a character designer for video games, so it’s a similar job but with a different medium. In my collection Le jugement du Pontife you follow a hero through a journey where she encounters different peoples, ally or enemy, in the quest to find and kill a very bad pontife, but its badly finishing for our heroes.
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You have cited the expansive universes of video games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne as inspirations for your work. Do your collections have connections or themes that tie them together? Are you building your own lore?
Currently, I am developing a lore that connects all my work. I am writing the story and creating the environment from scratch in 3D to establish a cohesive narrative.
Your garments possess a transformative power, turning reality into fantasy. Could you discuss the process of transforming tangible materials and bodies into the otherworldly?
I love the medium of clothing because it offers endless possibilities. You can make it resemble any material and shape it into any form or appearance. The use of illusion challenges my practice and motivates me to experiment with the body, pushing the limits of my skills. I believe that craftsmanship is the key to transforming materials and shapes into magical objects. I find immense satisfaction in the process of turning raw materials into valuable artifacts that enhance the wearer’s silhouette and make it glow.
Are there any limitations you encounter when working with tangible materials compared to your visions or concepts? Have you faced any challenges in this regard?
As someone who doesn’t generate revenue from my fashion practice, money is a significant barrier, as well as time. I often have to make creative compromises due to these limitations. Everything is so slow and complicated to make.
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Do you know how it feels to wear your garments? Have you received feedback or experienced internal reactions to adopting these unconventional silhouettes?
Very few people have had the opportunity to wear my clothes, as I don’t sell them commercially. I’d like to start to produce little series of tops, trousers etc so I [am] try[ing to] make comfortable prototypes.
How has it been collaborating with other creatives? Are there any individuals you have worked with who have particularly inspired or influenced you?
I’m collaborating and working a lot with my friends from school they style, shoot, design on every project I make. It’s so important for me to have their support.
Are there any values or philosophies that are especially important to you regarding your craft?
I try to keep my production at a small scale and maintain simplicity. I enjoy creating unique pieces, which always presents exciting challenges.
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In what ways do you feel your craft has evolved since you first started? How do you envision its future development?
With each collection, I try to include experimental garments that push my skills to the limit. It’s truly gratifying to solve complex shapes and patterns and bring them to life.
Are there any other art forms you would be interested in pursuing?
One day, I hope to fully immerse myself in character design, which I am incredibly passionate about. My CGI skills are becoming more legitimate, even for the gaming industry.
Also, I’d love to work for the cinema. There are some amazing costume departments, with so many resources. I’m thinking about Wētā, this is the coolest work, with props and prosthetics.
Finally, what are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in the future?
I am currently working on a new collection that will be released in September. With many armoured suits we built from scratch it’s an all-new process for me, my workspace really became an automobile painting workshop, stay tuned.
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