What if the sweets we tucked away had health benefits? This is your answer to wintertime fatigue - vitamin rich gummies by Vibes! Yes, they taste amazing, and yes, they do you good. Packed with essential vitamins and cool as a cucumber this snacking company is making waves in the Southwest and further afield. Exclusively stocked at Rainbow Acres Natural Foods, the family-owned health food store in LA, you can drop by and pick up your new favourite snack there or online.
Embraced by surfers and loved by you. The sweets come in two tantalising flavours - Cherry Force Field (with Elderberry) and Strawberry Glow (with Amla fruit). Vibes lead in the ever-enduring superfoods trend, a ride we will never be getting off. Here are some of the facts - Elderberry is anti-inflammatory, stress-reducing and supports a healthy heart function. It is also packed with vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants that may boost your immune system. Elderberry is recommended as a preventative and symptom busting ingredient for cold and flu as well. Amla is similarly full of the good stuff and beautifies the skin. This one improves liver health, has a tonic effect on the cardiovascular system and promotes a healthy gut. All wrapped up in a delicious gummy, what is not to love about caring for your body with something that feels indulgent. As one of their founders said these are truly “good for your mind, body, and soul”.
Vibes also goes above and beyond embracing the culture of the city it’s born in. They align with surfer, skater and streetwear lifestyle promoting climate consciousness – with vegan gummies - and overall healthy lifestyle. The confectioners support the Hawaii Wildlife Fund to engage in native green sea turtle conservation efforts and coastal restoration of Hawaii. A surfer-adjacent concern that touches all of us. Next time you’re reaching for something sweet it better be Vibes!