Exploring a sensuality that knows no gender boundaries and rediscovering the pleasure of the physical and tactile dimension after 2 years in which we have been more distant than ever, Valentina Ilardi embarks on a new journey in the form of a collection. VI MMXX now presents her proposal for the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 season, starting from a versatile image in evolution ready for transformation. A starting point from which a feminine energy sprouts materialized in the form of delicate garments that attach special importance to details. Always staying true to her DNA.
From the Diana Dress in ripstop black net with lace details to the D Dress in faux feathers rust or black, this new collection offers us an ideal wardrobe of interchangeable and super-impossible garments. There is no doubt that Valentina's experience and knowledge as a stylist has influenced the creation process, allowing infinite combinations for day and night looks and the creation of a personalized style, suitable for all ages. A search for maximum functionality without sacrificing quality design and materials.

Sartorial skills are combined with soft street-inspired volumes, redefining the concept of elegance and adapting it to the current moment. The best of the past is intermingled with the trends of the moment, always looking to the future, offering pieces that we can wear in different situations and times of the day depending on how we combine them. It is precisely this dialogue between creator and client that VI MMXX pursues, in which the creativity and concerns of both merge, giving rise to new solutions that would not be reached individually.

The bomber jacket, the knee-length skirt, the low waist, the overall, the outerwear, are rethought through a new idea of ​​sensuality. The brand questions the aesthetic codes that we take for granted and takes them a step further by adding its personal touch. You can discover all the news of VI MMXX on its website
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