Renowned singer, composer, music producer and video artist Velve has recently released Navigation, a new single off her upcoming album, Analog (set to release December 1st). Produced exclusively with two analogue synthesizers and her voice, the Berlin-based artist’s new work is a wake-up call to the threat that AI poses on creativity and the standardisation of art.
Speaking of her upcoming album, Analog, Velve says: “What began as a hype is now becoming a threat to many people’s livelihoods, to freedom of expression and opinion, to our democracy.” Of course, technology isn’t to blame. Historically, any technological advancement has come with a wave of drastic changes that have affected society, the arts, media, philosophy, and more. It’s the use that humans give to that specific technology that has made it useful or destructive. However, AI poses serious questions about the future of humankind.
In Navigation, the first single off her upcoming album, the multi-hyphenate artist combines a hypnotic attitude with driving drums. The five-minute-long track, a minimal and progressive electronic song, also features her voice, which became the ‘most famous voice in German-speaking countries’ since it was the first voice ever behind interactive AI in GAS (for example, the BMW navigation system). As she herself puts it on a recent Instagram post, the song is “a philosopical spoken aphorism embedded in state of the art.”
Born to a singer and guitarist father who took her to stage with him since an early age, Velve followed her passion for music since a very early age. She received singing and piano lessons as well as percussion. In 2012, she released her acclaimed debut album, Novelettes of Love. And until today, she’s kept building her musical career.