Based between Athens, and London, VASSIŁINA is an underground avant-pop sensation waiting to happen. Kicking off Crooked, her new music video, with her face in the ground and the lyrics, “I’m scared of dying, they said I’ll be fine” she acts out the position of Circe. In the Greek legend, Circe renounces her father, Helios, The Sun, by choosing mortality, transcending the shackles of patriarchal norms and her ideal self.
Plunged in the darkness of night, the music video unfolds as VASSIŁINA strides past a crashed car and eventually meets a group of dark cloaked onlookers. She’s coping with a lot. The artist is coming to terms with both chronic illness and loss. And these personal struggles lurk as physical reminders in the form of the crash scene and unwanted crowd. Like Circe coming to terms with her newfound fragility, VASSIŁINA has to face up to these demons.
Directed by Giorgos Athanasiou, co-written and co-produced by TOTALWERK, Crooked is our first look at VASSIŁINA’s up-coming album, which is releasing on April 12 with Greek indie label Inner Ear Records. The new LP titled Femmeland delves into Greek mythology on mental health, self-healing and finding strength through Greek femininities – the ideas set out in Crooked. Dark and electronic this is a highly contemporary reimaging of a timeless story. The album’s stand-out idea is the creation of a utopic imagination of feminine paradise. Crooked is the challenging start of that journey to the ideal world Circe will create. Bloodied and resilient VASSIŁINA is an imagine of perseverance.